Pratisandhi Foundation Newsletter [April 30, 2020]
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Celebrating Freedom

A Thread on Sexual Freedom

India encompasses a population motivated by purpose, committed to action, and extremely passionate about making their mark. So how does this transcend across generations? Find out.

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The Enigma of Voluntary Childlessness

In a culture where motherhood is central to feminine identity, what are the experiences of women who decide to remain childless? Find out.

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Moral Policing in India

Moral Police refers to groups that take vigilante action and believe themselves to be the upholders of culture. There are many such groups in India too. Find out.

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Self Pleasure, a freedom yet to be known

To search for the answers, re-imagine the said concepts and examining alternative choices is a way of liberation. Find out.

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Crossroads of Mental and Sexual Health

To understand how can we address sexual health and mental health independently and intersectionally.

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