So What's the Big Deal with Halloween?

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The nights are cooling, leaves are falling, and October is here.

Grocery stores are stocked with delicious treats and creative (and sometimes scary) costumes for all ages. And the internet is alive with the sound of the Halloween discussion.

  • Should Christians partake in Halloween?
  • What's okay and what isn't?
  • Are church harvest festivals really okay?
  • Can we see trick-or-treating as community outreach?

This October, we're thrilled to announce our series So What's the Big Deal with Halloween? This multi-part series will feature various Ambassador International authors sharing their convictions, perspectives, and experiences 

Our goal for this series is to aid Christians who prayerfully consider October celebrations and are eager to hear the opinions of others in the faith. 

The opinions and convictions expressed here reflect those of the authors whose names are attached to the articles. Click on the linked title below to discover more about the authors, their books, and their perspectives. 



Halloween and the Occult by Daphne Self

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A lot of Scripture can be shared about why a follower of Christ should not participate in Halloween.

I will only share three passages throughout this message along with showing you why a Christian should veer away from Halloween and abstain from all of its customs.

I was not raised in church, and when my family began attending it was sporadically from age twelve to fourteen before we began to faithfully attend every Sunday. So what I am about to share doesn’t come from any fundamental teachings or any dogmatic or legalistic reasonings.

It will come from experiencing and understanding the occult. And because of my time within the occult, it fostered the need to learn about its dangers and its history.


Most of us know that Halloween is short for All-Hallow’s Eve, which is a Scottish Gaelic shortened form of the Samhain, which is a Gaelic religious festival.

This festival included the following practices, along with many others: solicitation of the aid of spirits; use of wards (items and symbols to protect against “evil spirits” which is now represented by Halloween decor); hosting the dead; sharing of the sacred fire held in gourds (jack-o-lanterns today); costume-wearing to fool evil spirits that roamed the earth that night.

I will not write about the horrific practices of Samhain, and there are many. The practices listed above seem innocent enough … under the light of night. Yet they are actions with intent that go against God’s word.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:22, God’s word states: “Abstain from every form of evil.” And this holiday is a form of evil.

These religious practices, no matter how innocent they seem nowadays: dressing up, carving pumpkins, Halloween décor, etc. are just another way to infiltrate the minds of unsuspecting Christians. None of these things glorify God.


Proverbs 4:14 says, “Do not enter the path of the wicked, And do not walk in the way of evil.”

People may argue that what they do for Halloween is not evil or they don’t do what the other people do; they only dress up for fun and take their children trick-or-treating, and the list of excuses goes on.

But Halloween is Samhain, a violent, religious festival deeply rooted in pagan (satanic) origins. No amount of whitewashing will cover the darkness underneath this holiday.

As I said, I experienced the occult. Not just a brush with it but was involved in it until Christ saved me from that life. But the stain of what I know and seen and experienced stays with me. And it pains me to see fellow Christians defend, or even partake in, such an evil. And I will stress again, it is evil. It is not of God, therefore anything not of God is not good.

When one dresses as a fairy (during Samhain, fairies were the dead walking the earth) or as a clown, that person is still participating in a pagan holiday. When one goes door to door asking for treats, again it is still participating in a pagan holiday.

Now I understand that many people take this stance to the extreme and condemn anyone who practices or participates in Halloween. Some will even take it a big step further and start listing everything “not of God.”

But that is not what I am doing here today and will never do. My stance comes as a warning, much like how Jeremiah warned Israel. They had the choice to heed Jeremiah’s words.

Today we have many people who give us warnings through discussions, blogs, videos, sermons, etc.

It is up to the individual on whether or not he or she will weigh what they see and hear and act accordingly. This discernment will only come with listening to the Holy Spirit.

So, today you have a choice: will you give yourself over to the discernment of the Holy Spirit?

3 John 11: “Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but what is good. He who does good is of God, but he who does evil has not seen God.”

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