Pratisandhi Foundation Newsletter [April 30, 2020]
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Health is Wealth

Let’s Face it, Healthcare in India is Expensive!

The expenses have made it harder to attain healthcare for millions of people in this country and even deprive them of it. Here's why!

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Mass Sterilisation: India's Dark Past

In 1975, during the Emergency, a mass sterilisation programme took over the entire nation. Men and women have succumbed to the “compul-suasion” strategy for sterilisation since then. But is it really the answer to India’s exploding population?

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Early Detection Saves Lives

This year, The National Breast Cancer Foundation reminds us that we’re all in this together, and our choices and actions help us protect each other. This rings true to this year's theme - ‘Early detection saves lives.’

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Learning Disabilities Awareness Month: Let’s break the stigma

Disability is a term identified with individuals that experience difficulty in carrying out certain activities. These impairments can be cognitive, intellectual, mental, physical, etc. Our focus is on learning disability here.

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Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for October
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