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 February 27, 2020

Matt Mayberry Announces 104 New Endorsements.

Doubles Endorsement Total For Fourth Straight Time.

Dover, NH – Today, Republican First District Congressional candidate Matt Mayberry announced 104 new public endorsements. This is the fourth straight time that the Mayberry for Congress campaign has doubled its endorsement list, bringing the total up to 208 public endorsements from elected New Hampshire officials, community leaders and local activists. Among the newest endorsements are former long-time State Senator Jack Barnes Jr. of Raymond, former lakes region State Senator Bill Denley, current north country State Senator David Starr, former Senate President Tom Eaton, and Mark Vincent, former Hillsborough County Republican Chair.

“I am so proud to have earned the endorsements of so many great New Hampshire leaders,” stated Mayberry. “This is now the fourth straight time that we have doubled the number of public endorsements for our campaign. Team Mayberry now includes more than 200 statewide and community leaders. The grassroots momentum in this race is clearly on our side!”

“Matt is exactly the kind of conservative Republican with deep New Hampshire roots that we need to beat Chris Pappas,” said former State Senate Majority Leader Jack Barnes Jr. of Raymond, NH. “Matt has proven himself to be a true New Hampshire Republican. He will fight for lower taxes, protect our constitutional rights, and help cut through the government red tape to keep our state prosperous and free.”

"What Congress needs is a strong dose of New Hampshire common sense conservatism and that is what Matt will deliver," former Hillsborough County Republican Chair Mark Vincent stated. "Matt Mayberry is the change that is needed to help President Trump drain that swamp and return the power to the people. He will fight for us every single day, and do so with a smile. Please join me in supporting Matt Mayberry for Congress."

“Republicans need someone like Matt Mayberry to take on and defeat Chris Pappas,” said former State Senator Bill Denley. “Matt has spent his life helping New Hampshire Republicans win difficult races and he can win this fall. He knows New Hampshire as well as anyone in the state and will truly speak for us when he gets into Congress.”

Matt Mayberry is a running for the Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.

Below, find the list of new endorsements:

Senator Jack Barnes, Raymond

Senator Bill Denley, Wakefield

Senator David Starr, Franconia

Rep. Norm Silber, Gilford

Rep. Tom Walsh, Hooksett

Rep. John Klose, Epsom

Rep. Frank Kotowski, Hooksett

Rep. Lynne Ober, Hudson

Rep. Edward Smith, Hinsdale

Rep. Mark McLean, Manchester

Rep. Fred Plett, Goffstown

Former NH Senate President Tom Eaton, Keene

Mark Vincent, Former Hillsborough County GOP Chair, Former Amherst Town Chair, Former NHGOP Region 3 Vice Chair

Dick Abbott, Rollinsford

Kevin Abbott, Madbury

Martha Haley, Dover

Hon. Sharleen Hurst, Hampton, Former State Representative

Hon. Win Hutchinson, Manchester, Former State Representative

Hon. Henry Ahern, Former State Representative, Plymouth

Scott Baker, Rochester

Samuel Baldwin, Rochester

Dan Barufaldi, Dover

Priscilla Bean, Gilford

Brian Beaupre, Manchester

Hon. Matt Quandt, Former State Representative, Exeter

Harry Bennett, Barrington

Adam Binnie, Rye

Dylan Binnie, Rye

Steven Binnie, Rye

Mike Bolduc, Dover

Henry Boulette, Dover

Damien Callahan, Portsmouth

Roger Carey, Manchester

Caroline Carter, UNH

Rob Carter, Dover

Parks Christenbury, Dover

Priscilla Clegg, Hudson

Bruce Crochetiere, former US Congressional Candidate, Hampton Falls

Ted Cropper, Chester

Judy Cropper, Chester

Sam Crowley, Dover

Dylan Cruess, Bedford

Tom Danrow, Dover

Harrison DeBree, Rochester

Helen DePrima, Bedford

Brian Dobson, Nottingham

Cindy Downing, Plymouth

Dane Drasher, Dover

David Dupont, Dover

Jackie Eastwood, Durham

Ellen Evitts, Madison

Frank Evitts, Madison

Paul Freitas, Derry

Dan Garthwaite, Manchester

Vinny Gillis, Brentwood

Toni Greene, New Boston

Tim Haley, Dover

Paul Hamblett, New Castle

Victor Hanson, Gorham Maine

Tina Harley, Seabrook

Mike Hastings, Barrington

Mike Hatch, Meredith

Germaine Hayes, Newmarket

Chris Herr, Dover

Allison Huber Jewett, Portsmouth

Lee Hurst, Hampton

Craig Jewett, Portsmouth

Turner Jones, Greenland

Paul Karoutas, Dover

Abby Karoutas, Dover

Kevin Kelley, Epping

Phil Labonte, Candia

Mark Lenzi, Durham

Don Levine, Dover

Jenn Loginov, Dunbarton

Adam Lord, Manchester

Brad Lown, Portsmouth

Jen Madden, Rye

Christopher Maidment, Hillsborough County

Kerry Marsh, Concord

Mike McClurken, Durham

Chuck McGee, Concord

Mathew Mercier, Manchester

Kimberly Morin, Nashua

Joan Pinkham, Kensington

Mary Frances Renner, Salem

Peter Rice, New Castle

Kathy Rush, North Hampton

Robert Sargent, Strafford

Hon. Ken Sheffert, Former State Representative, Hampton

Chris Stilson, Rochester

Alex Talcott, Durham

Gary Thomas, Hudson

Debra Vanderbeek, Bedford

John Ward, Hooksett

Joshua Whitehouse, Farmington

Jenny Wilson, Barrington

Barbara Yates, Durham

Amy Rose, Goffstown

Ivey Jones, Greenland

John Zanchi, Wolfeboro

Rick Lavigne, Manchester

David Abbott, Dover

Darlene Colwell-Ellis, Dover


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