Pratisandhi Foundation Newsletter [April 30, 2020]
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To bleed or not to bleed...

Period Talk 101

The society we live in conditions you to think of your periods as a dirty little secret, which also leads to using every euphemism possible to indicate that you are on period without actually saying it. Let's break it down.

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Saga of Myth, Mystery and Misunderstanding

From women asked to tie a black thread around their toe to delay their periods, to staying away from religious events or places during menstrual cycle - the myths around periods have long been a mystery too!

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The Basics of Sustainable Menstrual Products in India

Menstrual cups, inter labia pads, biodegradable pads, period panties are some sustainable options. Learn why you should make the switch!

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Let’s Talk About Sex During Menstruation

Sex and menstruation are two topics that are never quite discussed altogether. Often considered ‘messy,’ to research that states sex during this time can ease period cramps and pain. So what's the verdict?

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The Goddess Who Bleeds

The legend of Goddess Kamakhya is a mysterious one. She is often regarded as the ‘Menstruating Goddess’. What lies behind the story? Let's take a look.

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