Pratisandhi Foundation Newsletter [April 30, 2020]
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Awareness Before Change

Sati Pratha: Ultimate Devotion?

The historical, self-immolation tradition of Sati involves a widow sacrificing herself after her husband’s death on his pyre. How did the practice evolve? How was it opposed? Does it still occur in rural parts of the country?

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Being Mindful of the Associations of Mental Health

Why is it that we often find ourselves hearing phrases like “I’m so depressed I didn’t score well in my exam” or, “My mom always makes me clean my room, she’s so OCD?” The usage of terms related to mental illnesses that impact people’s lives severely is not only demeaning but also alienates those who are suffering.

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Myths and Cysts: Demystifying PCOD

Despite being an incredibly common disorder, there are many misconceptions about PCOD. These misconceptions are also present in the medical sector and as a result, they have an impact on the individuals who seek medical advice.

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Demisexuality, the need to normalize sexual orientations on the margins

Most of the time, people don't know their sexual orientation or shy away from identifying with one because of societal or cultural influences on how it is perceived. Let's break it down.

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