Pratisandhi Foundation Newsletter [April 30, 2020]
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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health For All

As per WHO, 'Mental Health For All' is the theme for 2020. This campaign aims at increasing investment in mental health for everyone, irrespective of their background.

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The Normalization Of Eating Disorders

Wrapped in a pretty package of health and ‘summer’ bodies, the normalization of eating disorders is something we do not even notice.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Traumatic or stressful situations are often manifested in the form of PTSD. Initially identified only in case of war veterans, the condition has now been extended to a variety of other incidents.

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From The Editor's Desk
10 Bollywood Movies That Got Mental Illness (Mostly) Right

Bollywood may still not be the ideal place for the factual representation of mental health, but then there are sensible and responsible filmmakers & writers who are trying to do right by it.

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